Inspection Services

Stellar Construction and its team of inspectors specialize in examining buildings, highways and streets, sewer and water systems, dams, bridges, and other structures. We ensure that their construction, alteration, or repair complies with building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations, and contract specifications. To monitor compliance with regulations, we make an initial inspection during the first phase of construction and follow up with further inspections throughout the construction project. In areas where certain types of severe weather or natural disasters—such as hurricanes—are more common, our team monitors compliance with additional safety regulations designed to protect structures and occupants during those events.

We utilize several types of inspectors such as building inspectors who inspect the structural quality and general safety of buildings and others who specialize in structural steel or reinforced-concrete structures as needed providing a comprehensive engineering report of the integrity of a particular building or project. Before construction begins, plan examiners determine whether the plans for the building or other structure comply with building codes and whether they are suited to the engineering and environmental demands of the building site. The size and type of structure, as well as the rate at which it proceeds toward completion, determine the number of other site visits they must make. Upon completion of the project, they make a final, comprehensive inspection.

All Stellar inspectors possess knowledge of building and construction and are capable of reading contract drawings and specifications and, further, have a minimum of 10 years of applicable experience on construction projects or other similar experience.

Areas of Expertise